Question Is it possible to adjust player sliding distance and/or speed


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I'm attempting to have a longer sliding duration and increased speed. I have already made the sliding a bit faster, but I now end sooner.
I'm trying to make this a mod for zombies. Are there any variables I can fiddle with?

The only thing I have tried was enabling thrusters for an increase in slide distance but it's not much more than a regular slide.
The second thing I attempted was really messy, did the trick but it wasn't actually sliding. I was self forceslick(true) whenever my character started to slide. After <duration> seconds, it turns to false. It's the best I got, but I'm hopping there are some other methods to try.
I've looked over every file in share/raw/scripts that could possibly have what I was looking for without any luck.
I did find a few DVARs in a few dumps under sliding_wishspeed or something, I did not see any difference for any numbers I put in.
Thanks for reading.
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