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Discussion Is social media controlling peoples lives

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DF_AUS, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. DF_AUS

    DF_AUS Head Moderator Staff Member Head Staff Team Donator

    I thought I would bring this up In a discussion here, was talking with a few friends over the weekend at my place regarding how social media now days is such a high need with peoples lives.

    In public all I see is people ( old and young ) glued to there dam mobile/cell phones!!!

    Is social media a major factor of your life?

    Would no access to social media for 1 month nation wide cause riots and frustration, comment below!
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  2. Ganjanikos

    Ganjanikos Greek Force Donator

    Luckily here despite the fact that all people have their personal phone we get together and do sports and discuss and communicate without having the phones all around us. I believe that socia media only control people lives only if they give advantages on people(fame, money etc). I personally would have no problem removing them from my life but they are very helpfull. (I met my girl from instagram) . I thought someone should make a start with this conversation.
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  3. Candy

    Candy G59 Terrorist Donator

    Depends on the person.
  4. vampytwist

    vampytwist "Don't you trust me?" Staff Member Premium Member

    I use social media quite a bit over the holidays when I'm away from my friends since we all live different places but most the time I use it to promote nightclub events as I'm an events promoter for 2 events called ninja and hulk. So, I have to post loads and get people's names on the guest-list but other than that I barely use social media. I think it's all fake as people post what they want people to see and majority of the time it's to try and paint the perfect life and **** they think they have, when in reality no that's not what goes on behind closed doors I mean I understand not everyone is going to post every detail about their life and **** online but still a lot of people specially on mine use it to make out they have and live amazing lives and that they are the dogs bollocks which I find very annoying. I could easily live without social media I personally think it's ruining society I mean yeah it has some good points for the likes of people with social anxiety and disabilities that make it hard for them to go out and meet new people and what not but as a whole people don't talk as much or go out and do stuff they just sit in doors or walk around with their eyes glued to their phones, laptops, tablets just pointlessly scrolling through Facebook or other social media sites.

    Whenever I go out with friends I only check my phone if it's for the time or if I have a phone call other than that I'm more focused on face to face socialising and we also have a rule where if we are going for drinks or a meal we all put our phones in the middle of the table and the first person to check their phone/social media accounts has to either buy the next round of pints in or pay the tab for the meal.

    I also heavily disagree with anyone under the age of 13 having social media as to me these are the years you should be going out playing having fun exploring but now I've noticed a lot of kids have ipads, consoles etc and just stay indoors playing them 24/7.

    Sorry for the long rant but TLDR; Yes I do believe it's controlling peoples lives and has completely changed the way we live and interact with people. And yes I could easily live without it.
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  5. Freezee

    Freezee Known Member


    Couldn't have worded it better myself, I rarely see (where I live atleast) anyone ever interact face to face, It's a real shame. Not much you can do though. This worlds turning to **** anyways so lets strap in and wait and see what happens.
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