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Welcome To Iwau's Console ID Shop

1 Console Id + Psid Including 1 Month Warranty = 10$

What is a Console Id?
asically every PS3 has a unique console ID that is checked by sony's networks when you sign into PSN. If you are banned from PSN it is highly likely that your PS3's console ID has been banned. The only way to unban your PS3 and sign in to Playstation Network again is to get a new console ID (A console ID from a different console) that is not banned, and change your PS3s Console ID that is banned to the new console ID you have that is not banned.

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1) NO refunds are to be made unless I deem necessary to do so.

2) Don't spam me. You will receive what you paid for. Be patient.

3) DO NOT waste my time.

4) ONLY pay via Friends and Family on PayPal.


1. I accept PayPal ONLY
2. PayPal payments MUST be sent in
Paying for an item or service

3. You send the $10 PayPal FIRST after I confirm I've received the money I will start a conversation on the site, and send you your Console ID

4. After I complete the service I would really appreciate if you leave a nice comment.


Please Note:
If i don't respond right away it's because I'm either sick or asleep, I'm on Eastern Standard Time so my time might not be the same as your time so please take that into consideration.

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the whole point of paypal having a business transaction option is for things like this

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