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    As an Australia, we are very limited in the "exotic" knives we are allowed to legally own. Luckily for me, I have had a few illegals slip between the cracks, and have added them to my collection.

    I am interested in what knives you guys own. Drop a picture below. Tell us about your everyday carry :smile:

    My collection:

    Top to bottom - 1-5 (1 = oldest, 5 = newest):
    1. Balisong - 5
    2. Karambit [Fade] - 1
    3. Karambit [Blue] - 2
    4. Karambit [Black] - 4
    5. Generic Flip-out Knife (Used to be my edc) - 3

    I've owned several other knives in my time, but I've broken them (You can see the damage/wear on the Karambit [Fade] and Karambit [Blue], my Karambit [Black] isn't going to be used outside though.
    I very recently got my Balisong (illegal in Australia) and I love it!

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