Release Link to Elemental Bows and Elemental Staffs Mod Folders


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In the links below are the mod folders to the "Elemental Bows" and "Elemental Staffs HD" mods that were removed from the steam workshop recently. These mods put the staffs from Origins and the bows from Der Eisendrache into the mystery box. They are pretty accurate to the real bows and staffs in BO3 (plus you can carry more than one at a time!)

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Once you click the links and download both of the folders, you need to put these folders in a specific place in order for them to work in your game.
In your file explorer, go to Steam > steamapps > common > Call of Duty Black Ops III. In the COD BO3 folder, you need to create a new folder and name it "mods" (unless of course you already have one there, in that case you can use the existing one). Once you make that folder and open it up, you need to make two new folders, one for each of these new mods. You can name them whatever you want but I recommend you name them something like "Elemental Staffs" and "Elemental Bows" so it's easy to identify. Once you've done that, you can now put both of the mod folders in their respective folders that you made. Once you've placed each mod in their designated folder (I believe this part is particularly important), you need to rename the folders (the ones that actually contain all the ff files, not the ones you just made to put the folders in) to "zone." After you've done this, you should just be able to load up the mod and be good to go! Have fun!

(This may or may not be the best way to do it, this is simply the method that I am familiar with, so for those who know a lot more than me about this stuff, be kind please!)

All the credit for actually making this mod goes to: