Release MW2/IW4X Custom Rick And Morty Themed UMP-45 Camo Pack


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Download link and install instructions in video description

I lost a few of my custom camos by deleting them and thinking i had them backed up to save space on my mega recently if you have the itachi intervention, dbs intervention or dark magician girl please re upload and send it to me in a pm so i can fix the download link luckily most of my camos were in my game files so i could save them

Scary terry "You can run but you can't hide bitch!"

Mr. Meeseeks "I just want to die!"

Tiny Rick! "help me, help me, help me im gonna die"

Note: if you want the cyan/green/red tiger part of camo on the gun you will need my custom tiger camo pack this camo is compatible with my custom tiger camo packs and the original camos

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