Request Need someone to host for me


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Not sure if this belongs here but w/e i'm looking for someone that could possibly host me or w/e to get me my prestiges back i don't want max prestige i just want to get back to where i was before which was 4th prestige level 53. i've been playing ghosts for a little while now and i have a 2.3 kd so i tend to get knocked offline by others when they aren't happy about me doing so well against them and that doesn't bother me much but recently i landed against a group of six who weren't really happy with getting stomped by a girl (yes that is what they complained about over the mic calling me names and stuff like that) so one of them decided to derank me, i finished the game and didn't notice till i left the lobby that i had been deranked and i was fairly upset so if anyone could help me out please send me a friend request on ps3 stating in the friend request or with a message that you saw this thread and could possibly help me out. i ask you to state that you found me here because i get spammed with friend requests on the daily and i always ignore or delete them thanks in advance <3 PSN: LadyAWP

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