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Greetings bois (and Candy :tonguewink:),
[Note: This will support console as well. It will be released soon after the Redacted release.]

Today, I am giving a little preview of my second version of my first menu, Project Azn. If you haven't seen or used Project Azn, here is a link to that thread: Release - Project Azn | Creacted By Pyrex BLJ and Anki | CabConModding

Anyhow, for the preview of Project Azn V2. I know there isn't much of a new HUD for the menu, but I am more worried about making new functions to the menu. I'd rather make an abnormal menu that has awesome functions than make it look pretty. If I get the time to make it look pretty, I definitely will.

"What's new in this new version of Azn V2", you ask?
  • Some new HUD changes (colors, submenus, etc.)
  • Took out most features that you see in other menus and working on some of my own features. (There is still some features you will see that are in other menus.)
  • All around organization to fit where each feature goes in its respective submenus.
  • A semi-working account menu. I haven't been able to get the stats to stick but I am working on it.

Here is some screenshots (I will update this thread when I can record the menu in action). Thank you all and hopefully you are hyped for this release soon! :smile:



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