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Okay so some of you may know me, some of you may not, but I was modding for a while, then I stopped, but after a break up, yes... a break up xD, I needed something to do with my time so I picked up on modding again. I never made a decent .GSC menu for CoD4, so I found this base. As I was going through the coding, I noticed that it was pretty broken and has no player menu, nor a verification system and the base itself didn't look nice, no offense to the original creator lol, so I took matters into my own hands and implemented a fully working player menu, verification system, and working player options. I re-designed the whole menu to my liking's and next thing I knew I was adding mods. Not everything is added and I know it's a small menu, but my plan wasn't to make "the greatest & latest" CoD4 mod menu, just a nice little simple .GSC menu with an infectable R2R option in it. I'll have a video of the original base below and what it looked like. Credits to DeepMagicMods for creating the original base, and xMasterModzx for the verification system from one of his menu bases. Fixing this menu base and getting it to where it is now is definitely something I am proud of myself for and I am excited about making another come back to modding. A lot more projects will be on the way soon
! If anyone is interested in making any projects with me on any other CoD's, then just lmk or hmu! Also if HolaSoyCrout see's this, message me big boi

Original Base