Article PS4 5.01 Jailbreak Exploit Shown In New Proof-Of-Concept

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    With each new release of the PS4’s software, Sony closes more and more security holes, making it more difficult to hack. That’s what makes it so attractive, and now a new proof-of-concept for a PS4 version 5.01 hack is available, showing the fun is far from over.


    Shared via Please login or register to view links or downloads!, the new proof-of-concept is available now and is based around a WebKit exploit. The ReadMe for the PoC mentions that it does definitely work on PS4 software version 5.01 and that it may also work on others, although that has not been confirmed.

    Based on:
    • CVE-2017-7005
    • PegaSwitch (Copyright 2017 ReSwitched Team)
    • 4.0x exploit by qwertyoruiopz
    This exploit supports 5.01 (maybe others)!

    While this is not likely to be something the average jailbreak fan takes advantage of, it does potentially give others a new starting point from which to create more user friendly jailbreaks. Installation and usage of this particular PoC is outlined in the same ReadMe, although we don’t expect many “normal” users to be trying out it just yet.


    1. Install the latest version of node from
    2. Clone this repository
    3. Run npm install

    1. Run npm start

    Hacking of the PS4 continues to prove popular among those who may previously have turned their hand to iOS, and while Sony has so far been able to prevent widespread jailbreaking of its console, as well as what would become equally widespread piracy, that isn’t stopping hackers from poking around – and that’s good news indeed.
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    i saw an easy to use 4.55 exploit get released by qwertyoruiopz a few days ago, heres where i found it
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    it works on 5.xx Yes 5.50 Beta 3 and below. and this isnt a jailbreak as you dont get root access. Not even a kernel exploit

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