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Hello! Let's get straight to the point.

I'm trying to build a brand new BO2 ZM GSC Stable Mod Menu with lot's of features and such. I have a few ideas on what i want to add in the mod menu, but im stuck at how to code a menu base. I want something stable and small but not too small, I don't want the menu taking up the screen... Can someone please point me in the right direction on how to code a menu base or maby help me code it? (I will give credit but i also need the source)

I'm still trying to come up with new ideas / options
** Main Menu **
- Force Host
- Toggle FPS
- Anti Join
- Anti Quit
- Restart Map
- End Map
- Hear All Players
- (More Coming Soon)

** Personal Menu **
- God Mode
- Unlimited Ammo
- Unlimited Spint
- Aimbot
- Invisible
- No Clip
- No Target
- Ghost Walker
- Third Person
- Kill Yourself
- Revive Yourself
- Points Menu (Sub Menu w/ Different Points)
- Perks Menu (Sub Menu w/ Different Perks)
- (More Coming Soon)

** Weapon Menu **
- (More Coming Soon)

** Fun Menu **
- Spawn Alive Clone
- Spawn Dead Clone
- (More Coming Soon)

** Zombies Menu **
- Spawn Zombies
- Kill Zombies
- Freeze Zombies
- Make Em Crawl
- Teleport > Crosshair
- Teleport > Me
- No Heads
- Zombie Models (Sub Menu w/ Different Models)
- (More Coming Soon)

** Powerups Menu **
- Shoot Powerups
- Spawn Powerups
- Powersups Never Leave
- Infinite Powerup Time
- (More Coming Soon)

** Lobby Menu **
- Turn On/Off Power
- Open All Doors
- Give Buildable Pieces
- Auto Revive
- Elite Scoreboard
- Respawn Spectators
- Edit Speed (Sub Menu w/ Different Speed)
- Edit Jump (Sub Menu w/ Different Jump)
- Edit Gravity (Sub Menu w/ Different Gravity)
- Edit Timescale (Sub Menu w/ Different Timescales)
- Edit Bleed-out-Time (Sub Menu w/ Different Bleed Time)
- Edit Points Modifiers (Sub Menu w/ Different Point Modifiers)
- Edit Round (Sub Menu w/ Different Rounds)
- Edit Points (Sub Menu w/ Different Points)
- (More Coming Soon)

** All Players **
- Rapid Fire
- Far Melee
- (More Coming Soon)

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Dear god pls actually make something new, everything you've just posted is in every other menu.


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I want something stable and small but not too small, I don't want the menu taking up the screen...
What you are asking is simple hud editing, you need to edit the values of your x, y for the base positioning ( left, right, up, down) and width, height for boarder width etc

If you require any assistance feel free to pm me :smile:

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