Rod Lima's New Survival Horror Project

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by DF_AUS, Nov 22, 2016.

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    Hey CCM community.

    I am an old school hardcore Resident evil fan,mainly referring between 1-Code Veronica,possibly 4 and outbreak aswel :wink:

    To be brief,Rod Lima is an outstanding game programmer who has pulled a large sum of fans with his Resident Evil 2 remake available to view on his channel,over the months many fans have offered Lima money for his work,however,for legal reasons Lima has kept his Resident Evil 2 remake private,now,Lima has come up with an alternative new game based in the same zombie outbreak which should be legal to release to the public.

    His new game titled "Dawn in the Doom" is under development,which will be based in the same era of the original Resident Evil 3 Nemesis game,the game will involve new characters and new codes,if you're an old school fan of hardcore survival horror games this may be worth taking a look at.

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    Thanks. Gonna take a look bc I need some new games to play :grinning:
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