(Service) Black ops 3 Recovery for Zm/Mp CHEAP


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Hey guys im fairly new to community but I want to help people out.

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Black Ops 3 Zombies Service
-Level 1000 or Level 35 with any prestige of your choice
-Looped Liquid Diviniums
-Complete EE
-Unlock All Achievements
-Unlock All Challenges
-Legit Stats

How we would do it?
Join lobby, ill do rest for you, zombies requires no account logging etc just simply watch as your account gains

This option is 5$

Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Service
-Level 1000 Max Prestige
-Looped Cryptokeys (youll definitely have 1K+)
- Unlock All Achievements
-Unlock All Challenges
-Hero Gear
-Dark matter
Stats can be legit or crazy af. aka 1Million KD your choice.
-Wins (Custom) or legit
-Shots (Custom) or legit etc, theres a little more itll be your choice

How would we do it?
Well this one is more complex on my end since i cant do same lobby thing as in zombies. I would request if you purchase to download anydesk. Fully free but youll be able to monitor my computer. Send 9 digit number to me ill connect and flip screens. NO NEED TO SEND PASSWORD. Please dont it is good to not share passwords to anyone no matter how high the trust is. Anyways we will connect. Ill log out my steam acc. Then put you to the screen to login. Then you type in credentials, it will be hidden i wont be able to see pw. Make sure "Remember Me" is unchecked. Continue if you have steamguard go through that be sure to have email open to speed process. Uncheck remember this computer. proceed. Then i will open BO3. And you will be able to see me progressively fix your stats. Make sure to communicate exactly what you want, its fine if you dont but id prefer not to log in again as it is a timely process. When we are done make sure you stay until i log out. Completely, thank you.

This option is 10$ but I will finish off every other mode as well unless asked not to. I mean like might as well do any other modes since I have to log in for the moment. Eventually this will be taken off as I will purchase other menus etc.

Thank you for reading and I assure you I will do my best to stay on top of orders so you guys arent waiting too long. I do have stuff to do throughout the day so night time is easier for me. I should be able to respond 24/7 but if curious im Pacific Standard Time.


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Hello, I'd be interested in full unlock in MP as far as black market and prestige, if you could, devinium for zombies would be great. I will pay 25 dollars for all of this if you could help me ASAP! Thank you very much for your time :smile: