Tutorial Set Custom Boot Logo On iOS 11 / 11.1.2 Without Jailbreak

Discussion in 'Apple iOS' started by vampytwist, Dec 31, 2017.

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    Step 1: First and foremost, on the iOS device you are dealing with, you need to have the TweakBox app installed. Guide on installing TweakBox Please login or register to view links or downloads!

    Step 2: Once done, launch TweakBox and select the Apps tab from the segmented control and then select TweakBox Apps from the list of options. Once inside, scroll down until you find the Torngat app. It’s in alphabetical order so you shouldn’t have any problems.

    Step 3: Tap into the Torngat app and then go through the process of installing it. Once it is installed, launch the Settings app, select General > Profile(s) & Device Management, and then manually trust the profile associated with the Torngat app. Launch the app and then hit Run.

    Step 4: You will now see an option at the bottom called Boot Logo. This is what you need to concern yourself with. Select this and wait for the alert to pop-up which is requesting a URL. You can grab the URL of a PNG logo file that’s saved on your own server somewhere or find one on the web with a simple search for the type of image that you want when the device boots. Once you have that URL, paste it into the text field in the alert.

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