Tutorial (sprx) Fix - error generating PRX (prx-fixup failed), and similar errors.

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im done :)
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This Should Fix your SPRX Menus for any game having this problem.


What I've found the last few times this error happened to me was that the problem is the built in sqrt() function in c++

so to fix it, we don't use it. add this function into your menu and use this instead:

(btw thx for faultz helping me with this originally)

double sqrtz(double _val) {
    double low = 0;
    double high = _val;
    double mid = 0;

    while (high - low > 0.0000001) {
        mid = low + (high - low) / 2;
        if (mid*mid > _val) {
            high = mid;
        else {
            low = mid;
    return mid;

I didn't write this func but really any other square root function will work.

If this doesn't work, you might need to add some dependencies

just paste that into the right place [Properties>linker>Additional Dependencies]

credits to many people of ngu and 7s, and their threads I looked at trying to fix this​
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