Star Wars: The Old Republic - Is It Worth Playing in 2021?


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Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massive multiplayer online game (MMORPG) that sits at the top 5 most popular free games on Steam. Nine years after its launch, the game is still relevant and among the top 10 most populated MMORPGs in the world.

Steam added the game in July 2020, where it found a new home amongst budget gamers and Star Wars fans. Keep in mind your progress transfers to Steam, no matter where you played the game before.

Back when Bioware was still good, they used to make the best RPG games of the business. Franchises like Dragon Age and Mass Effect represented fully-fledged fictional game universes the world was yet to see. Only studios like Bethesda could compete with The Elder Scrolls series.

I dare say CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3 wouldn’t exist without Dragon Age, much less Cyberpunk 2077!

SWTOR is the only good Bioware online game to date, so let’s forget about Anthem altogether. Now that it’s free on Steam, many fans are excited to try again (or for the first time).

The free-to-play version includes the base game plus the first two expansions. You’d have to subscribe to the game to get the other three DLCs.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Review
The lack of good Bioware games is alarming. Since Electronic Arts bought the studio, Mass Effect developers lowered the bar so much they created Andromeda.

The Old Republic is the game that took the baton from a timeless classic. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (I&II) passed the torch to the multiplayer game back in 2011.

Since then, Bioware no longer supported their KOTOR games. That’s part of the reason SWTOR gathers so much hate.

But the primary reason is the inner conflict of the game. Bioware Austin produces The Old Republic, whereas Bioware Montreal has created the studio masterpieces. For years, the studio has tried to shift gears and moved its headquarters to the United States. Yet, they have failed to land the massive success they desperately need.

Still, when they made the game free in 2012, the game suddenly exploded in popularity. Worldwide fans were starting to realize the extent of this Bioware RPG. It’s a classic Star Wars opera full of incredible stories, numerous light-saber duels, a personal spaceship, and many classes to choose from.

It’s also an MMO that sticks to the World of Warcraft formula. It means that great Star Wars moments are hidden beneath hours of grind, fetch quests, and repetitive tasks. The
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in-game are just like wow gold in World of Warcraft.

But the game has moved forward in nine years. For example, after you finish your “class story,” there’s a new world of adventures, crises, and battles to play.

So, overall, there’s much to do in SWTOR. Even if you don’t grind for experience and loot, you can still play amazing storylines and forget about the online aspect altogether.

The Old Republic is a narratively-driven Star Wars saga set almost 3,000 years before a New Hope. It is the first Star Wars online RPG game, and it allows you to play as a Bounty Hunter, a Sith, a Jedi, or other factions on the faraway Galaxy.

The faction you choose and the path you take builds a unique gameplay experience with a different line of main quests.

You can go about the cinematic interactive campaign solo or co-op. In Bioware fashion, there’re deep decision mechanics and full voiceover for every dialogue. The multiplayer game also includes boss encounters and PvP areas.

Even though it’s free, you’ll also enjoy the ever-growing Kotor experience. More so, with its eight playable classes, this game has high replayability value. Remember that each character class has a different storyline, different skills, and wields different weapons.

As you enter the new zone, you’ll immediately see the world’s hub. It’s full of players, NPCs with side quests, vendors, and such. You go out, complete the main story, wrap up the side quest, and then deliver your progress for reward and experience.

Whereas the side quests can be dull and repetitive, most parts of the main plot are engaging. And you don’t even have to be a Star Wars fan to love the story. It’s good enough for any RPG player.

Still, it’s the classic rinse & repeats you’d expect from an MMO game.

For a free-to-play game, Star Wars: The Old Republic is a great game. If you have the internet connection to spare and some downtime to invest, go ahead and try it. Otherwise, you can’t merely uninstall and forget it exists.
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