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    Synful VPN Private Gaming VPN
    • Sydney, Australia ➜ DDoS Protected: Yes, Torrenting: No, Netflix: Yes
    • Moscow, Russia ➜ DDoS Protected: Yes, Torrenting: Yes, Netflix: No
    • Fremont (CA), United States ➜ DDoS Protected: Yes, Torrenting: No, Netflix: Yes
    About Service
    • No Logging ➜ We keep no records, not even client email or client IP addresses
    • Quick Activation ➜ We have a team dedicated to bringing you our quality service
    • Shared Server Load ➜ We share our load of clients over several servers, so you'll get quicker responses and less lag whilst gaming
    • DDoS Protected ➜ All servers have a Layer 4 and Layer 7 DDoS Protection system installed
    • SoftEther Client Install Tutorials Included
    Price/Payment Information
    Get access to all of our servers for the very low prices of:

    • 1 Month ➜ $7 USD
    • 3 Months ➜ $20 USD
    • 6 Months ➜ $40 USD
    • 12 Months ➜ $80 USD
    After purchasing, please start a conversation on CabConModding with @Harry stating the PayPal email you used to make the transaction. You will get a response with the Connection Information :smile:
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