Tutorial Take Gmail Accounts with SE & BEEF


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Before I Start, I want to clarify that I am not responsible for what you do with this information nor am I associated with the software used :smile:
(I know this is old Information/Tutorial but I still wanted to put out my version)

+ Kali linux (Recommended)
+ BeEF XSS Framework
+ Internet
+ Victim(s)
+ Common Sense
+ Social Engeneering Knowledge

  • 1. Open BEEF XSS Framework
  • 2. Wait for the UI To Pop Up
    • Username: beef
    • Password: beef
  • 4. Click Link for advanced version (On the Right)
  • 5. You should see pictures of meat.
  • 6. Goto Terminal and type "ifconfig" and copy "inet 192.168.x.x"
  • 7. Replace "" in your browser and replace it with your inet IP
  • It should look like this: "192.168.x.x:3000/demos/butcher/index.html"
    • It wont be 192.168.x.x for example it would be
  • 8. Put "http://" Before the IP
    • Example: "http://192.168.x.x:3000/demos/butcher/index.html"
  • 9. Goto a URL Shortener site and then paste the link in there.
  • 10. Send the Shortened URL to a Victim
  • 11. Go back to your BeEF Control Panel in your browser and when your victim opens the link you will see their IP on the Left.
  • 12. Click their IP and Goto "Commands > Social Engeneering > Google Phishing"
  • 13. Click Execute then the victims Web browser will open a new tab to login
  • 14. When they type their Info in, Click "Command1" and you will see their Info
  • 15. Enjoy :smile:

Written by: @Sprx.SH
"I am not responsible for what you do with this methods and info, this is
only for entertainment and Security Purposes!" :blush: