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Hello There Everyone!

I got a little treat for you today. Recently over the past couple weeks a jailbreak has been released for iOS 10.2.1 in the midst of all the scams, lies, and confusing community of Jailbreaking. There are good things that come out of the community too!

So, i decided id make a thread for it since it worked for me. The past version of this Jailbreak worked for my iPhone 6 about 20% of the time, most of the time it would fail. But it did work sometimes. The newest (Beta 2) update is slightly better.

When it did work, Cydia and all of its extensions were available. But remember, this is a Tethered/Semi-Untethered jailbreak. So if your phone turns off or shuts down it is no longer jailbroken.

So i can 100% vouch that this works. But only sometimes when it feels like it. It's worth a try!

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If you don't know how to put the app on your iDevice don't worry, there are instructions on the site. Ill post them here anyway.
1. Download the .ipa file and Cydia Impactor
2. Open Cydia Impactor and connect your device
3. Drag the Saigon.ipa file onto the Cydia Impactor window
4. Enter your Apple ID (email and password)
5. Open Settings → General → Profiles & Device Management
6. Trust the new certificate → open saïgon
7. Tap 'jailbreak' and enjoy!

Currently (as of Beta 2 update) only supports the following:
iPod Touch 6 (10.2.1)
iPhone SE (10.2.1)
iPhone 6/Plus (10.2.1)
iPhone 6s/Plus (10.2.1)
iPad Mini 4 (10.2.1) (Not tested)
iPad Air 2 (10.2.1)
iPhone 6s (10.3.1) (not yet)
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