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    It Will Include The Following

    • Passwords Encrypted In Either SHA2 Or BCRYPT (Depends On What I Can Be Bothered Doing)
    • Moderator Panel
    • Admin Panel
    • News On Index
    • Community Chat
    • User Posts / Comments (With Likes & Dislikes Just Have To Somehow Lock A Users Like To Their Account So They Cant Spam It With Likes / Dislikes)
    • Ability To Private Message Users
    • Ability To Report Users
    • Support Ticket System
    • Tools Like A WHOSIS Lookup, Skype Resolver ETC

    So What Else Should I Add?

    I Will Be Releasing This On CabConModding (FREE OF CHARGE) But I Will Be Adding A Copyright Notice To The Footer And Encrypting It

    EDIT :

    Heres A Preview Of The Dashboard

    All Panels / Widgets Change Color Everytime The Page Refreshes

    Heres A Preview Of The Community Chat

    Heres A Preview Of The My Profile

    Heres A Preview Of The Users Page

    Heres A Preview Of The Main Support Page

    Have Finally Finished It

    There Will Be Some Bugs Let Me Know What They Are And Ill Fix Them

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    I like it

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