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Question XBOX RGH problem

Discussion in 'Questions' started by caliwil04, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. caliwil04

    caliwil04 Member

    So i have this problem. So my hdd already has everything i need and my steath is Ninja. the problem is when ever i boot it up after like a minute it will just say there was a problem
    with Ninja and reboot. But When i manage to get to dash launch and change my stealth it will never save and i know how to save it. I cant solve this and any help would be nice
  2. Candy

    Candy NOSTALGIC Donator

    Either put a new launch on a USB, which it will boot up with that launch, then you can change the plug-ins and remove that launch.ini. Or press the power button on your console and very shortly after hit the tray button on your console. This will boot up your Xbox and bypass all plugins, giving you free range to edit your plug-ins. You can save this by going toggling the tabs with RB or LB I believe until you find the page to save it, there you can save it to your HDD or wherever.
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