Discussion XenuStudio Concept - Create Your Own Modding Tool With No Codding Knowledge

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Hello all it's been a while since I have made any projects but I'm slowly getting back in to coding.

I'm looking for feedback on this even if its good or bad if it's a bad feedback an reason why would be helpful (I.E Pointless because no one is interested in this type of thing)

See the video below for an quick demo on how the tool will work.



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I like the idea of the tool. :wink: And nice to see that you are back! In my opinion one of the main benefits to use the tool is the learning and discovering of addresses and stuff like that. I also love that the user is able to customize (order, maybe branding? ) the tool to their own needs.

On the other hand you can do the most stuff with cheat engine already and newer games doesn't work with theses easy modifications.

If you continue working on the tool I think you should add the following:
  • Branding modification
  • Export functionality (to share the 'created' tool with others)
  • Loop functionality (to set address value all 5 seconds to X)
Good luck :wink: