Zone Offsets For PS3 BO1 [1.13]


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Hey, these are some offsets to edit strings in BO1. I didn't really see any posts about this anywhere besides Jo-Milk's, so here ya go.
Jo-Milk's Pastebin:
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Main Menu Strings:
Top Text: 0x3718055C
Play Online Text: 0x371816AC
Local Text: 0x37180B6C
Options Text: 0x3718490C
Store Text: 0x3718562A
Main Menu Text: 0x3718563C
Player Match Text: 0x3713FACC
Custom Match Text: 0x3716DF3C
Wager Match Text: 0x3714140C
Basic Training Text: 0x37142D84
Theater Lobby Text: 0x37144754

Controls Strings (Bottom of screen):
Back Button Text: 0x3701E084
Invite Text: 0x3713387C

Online Strings:
Find Match Text: 0x375FB80C
Create A Class Text: 0x37127D44
Contracts Text: 0x37616EF4
Killstreaks Text: 0x3712A55C
Player Card Text: 0x3712C7EC

Private Match Strings:
Top Text: 0x37120A34
Start Match Text: 0x3712346C
Switch Lobbies Text: 0x371244EC
Change Map Text: 0x371250C4
Change Game Mode Text: 0x37125F6C
Edit Game Options Text: 0x37057FBC