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hello my friend I want to tell U ! me and my brothers (we 4 brothers) we love play COD black OPS 1 every week we thank you very much for that amazing mod
1we can choose what the teams fight like op40 vs NVA
2we can make record for the game like (replay) and improve the spectate
..............please if you read my message contact me in face book (omar joumaa) or instgram ooooooo.or
I see in my CoD 2 folder that I am using there (CrazyBot) and have tested it to be sure whether it is still active. I can send you the zip file or upload it to my profile. There is AimBot, radar, skin border with it. First of all, I have to know if you're still up for the game, otherwise uploading won't do anything
Master, the hack for CoD 2 no longer works, I tried version 1.0 and 1.3 but the message that my version is not compatible comes up. Question is do you use CoD 2 for EU or USA so uncut
Hello mate, do you happen to have the files for the COD mod Projectnova, I can't access their site
Hi ive instalt this aimbot but cant get it to work, it keeps saying game version not supported. do you know what to do ? its the cod2 mombot that doesnt work for me
what did you use to open CoD 2 xbox .ff files?
but FF Viewer doesn't support CoD2... i tried and got errors.
Only a few of the FF viewers work but even they give errors when opening the FF. The gsc code won't show in ff viewer you just need it so you can get the extract dat and manually hex edit a menu in or mods etc. Then you use ff viewer to save the extract dat file. I want to say I use FF Viewers 2.16 or 2.64 or something idk I'm not home to check but even the ones that work give weird errors when opening the FF
Ok. understood. thank you for tips.