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I haven't been active because MalwareBytes removed some adware and it ended up affecting my MBR on my SSD, Have to reset it :disappointed:
Now selling Apex Legend cheats along with Black Ops III recoveries! If you haven't seen the thread already, my discord is Reality#0001 , message me there and I'll invite you to the discord, where you can see the prices for yourself!
Honestly, this is the most supportive and helpful forum I've been apart of.
Hey would you be able to add me on discord and help with red boxes on AssumingAgates Open Source? I've been watching his videos but he only showed how to get the offset and then use cheat engine to change the value
Its been a long while, a lot of things in my life has changed i will try to be more active however i cant keep that promise but im back at least.
I'm back again, a lot has changed in my life, and kind of moved on from modding but I will try be a little more active, however not like the 'tirade of '16'.