Roles and Staff Positions

  1. Roles and Staff Positions

    This is only a general guide, and only briefly describes some of the different positions. The application process may change for various positions. This guide might have everything you need to know or it might not, and it's not intended as a tutorial.

    Roles and Staff Positions

    Global Moderator

    A Global Moderator is basically a Super Sectional Moderator: all the privileges across all sections on the site. Global Moderators are volunteers who have extensive experience and knowledge of all things.

    Sectional Moderator

    Sectional Moderators are Moderators for specific sections. They only have privileges in their active section.


    A developer is an team member who builds and create software and applications for our sites. I doesn't matter if you love to work with HTML, CSS, PHP (xenForo), Java (Android) or anything else.

    Graphic Artist

    A Graphic Artist or Designer is a team member who creates Artworks, Logos, Icons, Adverts and Themes for our site.

    Social Influencer

    A Social Media Influencer is a user who is active in social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook) and builds and shares our content.

  2. Apply for Staff Position

    You would like to submit an application for any staff position? Your application starts here.