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Image Title Text
Angry Angry :angry:
Anguished Anguished :anguished: 8-I
Dab Dab :dab:
Heart Heart :heart:
Thinking Thinking :thinking:
ZZZ ZZZ :zzz:
Blush Blush :blush: :8)
Cold Sweat Cold Sweat :coldsweat: :,(
Confused Confused :confused: :-/
Cry Cry :cry: :'( :'-(
Disappointed Disappointed :disappointed: :( :-(
Disappointed but Relieved Disappointed but Relieved :disrelieved: :'0
Expressionless Expressionless :expressionless: :-| :|
Smile Smile :smile: :) :-)
Heart Eyes Heart Eyes :hearteyes: <3-)
Innocent Innocent :innocent: ()-)
Kappa Kappa :kappa: :Kappa:
Kissing Kissing :kissing:
Kissing Heart Kissing Heart :kissingheart:
Mask Mask :mask: :ill:
Open Mouth Open Mouth :openmouth: :-0 :-O
Rage Rage :rage: :mad: >:( :@
Relaxed Relaxed :relaxed:
Sleeping Sleeping :sleeping:
Sleepy Sleepy :sleepy:
Grinning Grinning :grinning: :-D :D
Smirk Smirk :smirk: :-J
Sob Sob :sob:
Sunglasses Sunglasses :sunglasses: :cool: 8-)
Sweat Smile Sweat Smile :sweatsmile: :puh:
Tears of Joy Tears of Joy :tearsofjoy:
Tongue Closed Eyes Tongue Closed Eyes :tongueclosed: :p :P :-p :-P
Tongue Wink Tongue Wink :tonguewink: :P :-P
Triumph Triumph :triumph:
Wink Wink :wink: ;-) ;)
Yum Yum :yum:
CCM Heart CCM Heart :CCMheart:
CCM Party CCM Party :CCMparty: :party:
Love Love :CCMlove: :love:
CCM CCM :cabconmodding: :cabcon: :CabCon:
Ear Ear :ear:
Hand Hand :hand:
Hand Fist Hand Fist :handfist:
Hand Point Down Hand Point Down :handpointdown:
Hand Point Left Hand Point Left :handpointleft:
Hand Point Right Hand Point Right :handpointright:
Hand Point Up Hand Point Up :handpointup:
Hand Waving Hand Waving :handwaving: :hi:
Hands Clapping Hands Clapping :clapping:
Hands Open Hands Open :handsopen:
Muscle Muscle :muscle:
Peace Peace :peace: :yy:
Raised Hands Raised Hands :raisedhands:
Hand OK Hand OK :handok: :ok: (ok)
Thumbs Down Thumbs Down :no: :n: (n)
Thumbs Up Thumbs Up :y: :yes: (y) (Y)
Desktop Desktop :desktop:
Video Game Video Game :games:
Emz Emz :emz:
hitcrew hitcrew :hitcrew:
KingSe7en KingSe7en :KingSe7en: :kingse7en:
STriVE MoDz STriVE MoDz :STriVE MoDz: :STriVE:
VerTical VerTical :VerTical: :vertical:
xRaW Raptor xRaW Raptor :modwolf:
Gentle Gentle :gentle: :Gentle: (k)
xePixTvx xePixTvx :xePixTvx: :xepitvx: :xepixtvx:
Happy Christmas Happy Christmas :christmas: :Christmas: :xmas:
Christmas Tree Christmas Tree :christmastree: