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    Release [LEAKED] Bo2 Jiggy v4.2 Mod Menu Source Code + Free Download

    Nice release! I think it's dumb for people to charge money for modding. Unless they're doing recoveries and stuff. Anyhow, I want to see more!
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    (Preview) Jtag/RGH Modding on Android! [Pictures]

    My bad then. :expressionless: Thanks for linking, by the way.
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    Release FPS Mod Menu + Open Source

    Nice release! Keep it up!
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    Do you like cooking? If so, what's your favourite thing to cook?

    I myself like to cook, and I love to cook stuff like hamburgers and pizza.
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    What do you think is at the end of space?

    The edge of a molecule, which makes up a greater being. This image sums this up pretty well.
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    I really need to come here more often. xD

    I really need to come here more often. xD
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    (Preview) Jtag/RGH Modding on Android! [Pictures]

    Nice! I'd love to see an app that would work for JTAGs and RGHs appear on the Play Store. All I see is XKey stuff there, keep it up! As far as suggestions go, I'd suggest maybe an option to do custom xnotifys and maybe have a file browser similar to that of Neighborhood.
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    Console Category and Threads::

    Eh, I know I'm the one that didn't start the thread, but games we could add could be Fallout, Elder Scrolls Series (Reason being is that Bethesda encourages modding on their games) , Pokemon even?(ROM Hacks are fun to mess with.) I'm sorry those are the three I could come up with off the top of...
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    Release Faux KV Generator

    Rat it for some wannabe kv sellers, I like that idea, you're free to do that if you please.
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    Release HUGE GSC Mod Menu Pack From Me

    No problem! I'm glad you like it. :)
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    Release Faux KV Generator

    That's just it, there really is no point to it, it's just a simple generator. You could use it as a prank tool if you so chose to.
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    Release Faux KV Generator

    Hey everyone, I know all of us in the Xbox modding community are familiar with what KVs are. This program is nothing more than how I think Microsoft makes KVs. So this generator will spew up a kv.bin with 16kb worth of "This is your KV!" So they won't actually work, sadly. If it did I would be...
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    Release HUGE GSC Mod Menu Pack From Me

    Hey everybody! I know how everyone loves to mod Call of Duty, especially Black Ops II. So I know how some people look different places for mod menus, but I have a whole pack of menus I think you may like, with one I made myself! Mod Menu Pack Includes: Algorithmic AllYouNeed Black Box Bossam V3...
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    Hello Once Again

    As the site has been reincarnated, I thought it would be appropriate to reintroduce myself. I live in Canada, and I am a major geek as some would say. I really dig drawing, gaming and coding(as far as coding goes, I don't know a whole lot, but I find it enjoyable.) I own a bunch of consoles...
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    Welcome back to our new CabConModding!

    I've always liked XenForo over myBB, or whatever you used previously :P