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    If interested, add me on discord: Dertii#9999 Or join the server: Join the BLACK OPS 3 SERVICES Discord Server!
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    Release 7 Days to Die Cheat Table - Steam

    Thank you for the release buddy!
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    Preview GSC Helper - Advanced GSC Editing Utility

    Hey there, im working on a software called GSC Helper which is a fully functional GSC editing utility with tons of features. I don't have an exact release yet but it will be released in the near future. Here is a small preview of the software:
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    Rules Important Update About CabConModding and Responsibilities

    Hey there, There are certain things which the team at CabConModding hasn't really clarified except for in some replies in certain threads therefore we are making this thread to explain what CabConModding won't take any responsibilities for. CabConModding will NOT take any sort of...
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    CHEAPEST BO3 Recovery, Cryptokeys/Liquid Divinium, Zombies, Multiplayer

    IMPORTANT: Note that there is always a chance of getting banned when you're modifying game value if the game has a anti cheat. CabConModding takes no responsibility if you get banned.
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    Any Black Ops 3 Xbox One mods out yet?

    Not at the moment and probably not in the near future due to their improved security since Xbox 360.
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    Is there a free rainbowsixsiege hack like aimbot and esp

    There probably is however i wouldn't recommend using free cheats unless you can be sure that they stay undetected while you're using them.
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    Preview Synergy v2 Beta Mod Menu Preview

    I really like the unique animations and the style of the menu. Keep working on it and it could possibly be one of the best menus if not the best.
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    Question Black Ops 3 Anti Cheat / Anti Debug [PC]

    If you didn't know, You can't use Cheat Engine or anything similar to that. So i found out that the way Black Ops 3 detects if you are using Cheat Engine is by using a thread in the process. You can use Process Hacker to terminate that thread however Black Ops 3 have another thread or something...
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    lol. i must say you are very nice sir :)

    lol. i must say you are very nice sir :)
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    CabConModding Logo

    Thanks for you feedback :)
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    CabConModding Logo

    Thanks buddy :)
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    C#/VB Authentication System , Cloud Seal

    Very nice my man. Looks great :)
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    CabConModding Logo

    So i was bored and made a logo for CabConModdding. This is how it looks like: Let me know what you think :)
  15. Dertii I made that :) I made that :)