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    Release Call of duty hitmarkers for zombies

    yo so can you tell us how we can download whatever we want from the workshop?
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    Release Black Ops 3 Zombie Trainer with XP Hack - Steam

    can you send ingame footage of it?
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    Request Help out with mod menus or how to get liquid divinum in general

    there was a glitch with a program and it has been working for years, just search it up you'll be finding it sooner or later, don't buy stuff that you can get for free
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    Tutorial How to play Black Ops 3 LAN?

    bro wdym the game costs alot
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    Tutorial How to play Black Ops 3 LAN?

    how do i play with other people on cracked bo3? and how do I update to update 37?
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    Request Requesting custom maps and mods

    hey can you add this mod please? Steam Workshop::[ZM] MODERN WARFARE 2019 WEAPON MOD