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    Question GSC script

    Just Wondering if anyone has the client functions from the insidious menu that they can share with me I will post a photo of the functions i needed Thanks for helping out guys / gals
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    Release GSX Scripts For Black Ops 2!

    I would love one aswell if still possible
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    GSC GSC Scripts

    All Credits go to the original creators of Project Radius V2
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    Black Ops 2 GSC Studio Scripting/Modding

    This is From Project Radius V2 and I found it really good doAimbots() { if(self.aim==0) { self thread Aimbot(); self.aim=1; self iPrintln("Aimbot [^2ON^7]"); } else { self notify("EndAutoAim"); self.aim=0; self...
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    GSC GSC Code List

    @DeadlySe7enYT add me on discord and i will send u one SyntheticCxnt#4785