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    Question BO2 Give All Build Parts code error

    so in my menu i have this code: giveAllBuildables() { foreach(stub in level.buildable_stubs) { stub.built = 1; } if ( !isDefined( level.cheat_craftables ) ) { level.cheat_craftables = []; } foreach( craftable in...
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    Answered BO2 Stable Menu Base

    the aio base seems to overflow for me when i added a toggle text function
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    Answered BO2 Stable Menu Base

    Basically, i would like to know what is the most stable base on bo2 with no overflow problem or freezing, anything like that i want to make a huge mod but most menu bases seem to be unstable. So if i could know what is the most stable one out there that would be nice. Thank you
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    Answered How Can I Do This?

    What base is that, could you upload that?
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    Request [email protected] Rawfiles

    Hello, i want to start a mod on [email protected] but i would like to have the games rawfiles but i cant seem to find them online so if anyone can send me them Thank you
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    Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Infinity Loader

    When is release im itching to mod ghosts and mw3 chief
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    Release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Infinity Loader

    i dont think it should be a pay by time kind of thing i think it should just be a tool that you buy with auth
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    Request BO2 GSC Studio

    hello, So recently i figured out how to use GSC's on campaign and i would like to make an application like GSC Studio but for Campaign only. I know that most code editors are made in c++ but i dont know what type of project is needed to start or even how to start. If anyone could help guiding...
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    Answered BO2 Shader Help

    i tested all gradient shaders nothing happnened
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    Answered BO2 Shader Help

    Hello, I want to make a menu for BO2 that has the design of light's MW2 Azza Patch: I have evrything down but i need help figuring out how to make the middle shader(purple one) have the fading effects on the sides Thank You
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    Answered BO2 Holding Grenade function

    well i could do that but i found isThrowingGrenade() now i just need to find a way to cancel the grenade
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    Answered BO2 Holding Grenade function

    hello, I was wondering if there is a function or something that checks if you are holding a grenade or cooking a grenade, i want to make a function that allows grenade cancels
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    Release Black Ops 2 Trickshot Setup Mod

    yo, i made a bo2 trickshot mod. this mod is meant for quick trickshotting, i based it off of boots' challenge mod on mw2 boots' vid: bo2 trickshot mod: Credits: boots Virusscan