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    Question Host Information

    Hey guys Does anyone know how i Can fix the Host bug? It shows only weird letter number combination Some months ago i found out its there because of the eboot but now i Can use every eboot i want and nothing changed
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    Discussion Fortnite Removals

    No One should be removed lol
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    Question Call of Duty Black Ops II (BLES01719)

    Lol the game bles has nothing to do with the server
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    Question Freezing when i Start carreer

    Yo CCM, I downloaded skate 2 as a torrent Everything works Fine but when i Click on carreer i get a Blackscreen and my ps3 freezes Can anyone help me?
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    Answered Infinity loader release

    Sup CCM, At the 28.01. AgreedBog381 said „its ready for Release in 2 weeks“ but now its the 03.03 :thinking: Does anyone know anything about the Release?
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    Release BO2 GSC Reezh's Trickshot Menu

    everything is ok :blush: i sold it cuz Need Money for a new bike and it got bored
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    Release BO2 GSC Reezh's Trickshot Menu

    Wow u released it and i sold my dex :confused: i hate u reezh :tearsofjoy::heart:
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    Cant Play on 1.11

    Need help! I cant Play on 1.11 Idk Why because i played in 1.11 and then i used the 1.14 patch_mp.ff because i Wanted to Play on 1.14 and then After 2 Days i want to go back in 1.11 and it wont Work I deleted the Patch and reinstalled it and it wont work again Can anyone help me? Thx! :heart...
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    Tutorial RTM Tools Updater

    hahahahaahaha you rekt him
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    Release Bo2 RTM TOL BY HACK HERO

    Looks cool:y:
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    State your 3 Best Preferred Mod Menus That Was Released For Bo2, Gsc /Sprx/Mp/Zombies Any, List them

    GSC (MP): 1. Arays Sexy Menu: This was the menu which i used everytime 2. Caked Up: First menu that i used and i still love it 3. Loz Azza: One of the first menus that i used SPRX: 1. Jericho Engine: First menu that i used and its still cool 2. Paradox: Sick menu , sick Options and a...
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    Request Modded Pop Up Message

    thanks :heart:
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    Request Modded Pop Up Message

    I saw a Video who the guy god a Red Pop up message So i my question is: can anyone tell me how ? I saw a Video how it Works but i lost it :(