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    Answered Meleeing

    If I use self meleeButtonPressed() I'd have to do something like this: function example() { for(;;) { if(self meleeButtonPressed()) self thread doDamageToPlayer(); //to the player I hit //wait until I can knife someone again } } //or function example()...
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    Answered Meleeing

    Is there a way to see when a player melees (a notify like reload_start)? And who he melees?
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    Answered Getting keys of multidimensional arrays

    How do I get the key of an array when the array is multidimensional and I only have the value? function createTestArray() { //our arrays childArray1 = array( "val 1", "val 2" ); childArray2 = array( "val 3", "val 4" ); self.parentArray =...
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    Answered Spectating

    Does anyone have an idea on how to check if I'm spectating a certian player? I'm pretty sure there exists a function called IsSpectating. And let's say I want to check if I'm spectating the player with the gamertag "CabCon". How would I do that?