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    Giveaway CS:GO Skin Giveaway AK-47 | Redline

    I should win because i have a -sniped-.
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    Question HELP ME PLEASE

    i dont know what that means lol
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    Question HELP ME PLEASE

    Hi, Whenever i try to play MW2 multiplayer and i press play online (steam version) is says "steam connect failed." Idk how to fix this, i re installed the game, verified the integrity of the game cache now idk what to do, please help.
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    Question Can someone explain how to use a rgh please

    Hi im thinking of getting a RGH Xbox but im not sure how all of it works at all... For example, if i wanted to use a mod menu online in like bo2 how would i do this, would i need to download the mod menu on the pc and move it to a usb and then plug that in to the xbox? Can someone please explain...
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    Nominations JULY 2016

    user: @Liam Reason: Has done like 7 recoveries for me and my friends this month and hes nice
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    Release Project Zombee [GSC] [Zombies] [PC & CONSOLE]

    Thanks for using my recording :)
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    Can anyone do a cheap recovery for me xbox

    Hi can anyone do a cheap recovery for me on on MW3 XBOX 360 please, i can pay via paypal.
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    Answered Anyone Selling Recoveries?

    Please let me know as soon as you are ready to do it, then i will buy :)
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    Answered Anyone Selling Recoveries?

    BRUH LEMME GET AT THAT... Can i buy MW3 recovery please right now LOL
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    Answered Anyone Selling Recoveries?

    Hi all, are any of you guys selling recoveries for BO2 or MW3 for Xbox 360. If you are please tell me i would be interested in buying. Thanks
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    Outdated Where do you buy rgh/jtag consoles?

    could you link me to one please
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    Outdated Where do you buy rgh/jtag consoles?

    Hi guys... I really want a RGH/JTAG xbox 360 but i dont know where to buy them from and which sites are legit... If you have bought one before can you tell me where you got it from and how much it costs. Thanks
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    Answered mod menu for xbox 360 help

    Hi is there a way for me to get a mod menu on any call of duty on xbox 360 without having a rgh/jtag... Like can someone activate it for me? I know i probably sound stupid saying this lol Thanks.