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    Answered Cod ghost rtm tool tac classes

    You can find the local player address then just find how far away the entities are away from yours. From there you can probably just simply loop through all players, check if they're valid, then write the bytes.
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    [TUTORIAL] Find Offsets For PC Games

    You're doing something wrong then. Make sure you're searching for text.
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    Answered Adding / Deleting Submenu

    Haven't done GSC inawhile but I remember doing something similar. Have it loop checking the size of the menu. If the size of the menu == a certain value, set the alpha of the text, etc... of whatever you want to add to 1. Though this is only for showing the menu, the scrolling, etc... idk too...
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    Question SignTool.exe missing

    If you don't mind me asking, why are you publishing it? If you're planning on releasing it on a website, etc... just use build.
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    Hue hue hue

    Hue hue hue
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    Assault Cube Internal Hack Source

    Hi guys! Whilst learning some new ways about doing this, I decided to try and I've successfully made a hack using classes! I hope you enjoy! #include <Windows.h> #include <iostream> using namespace std; bool healthStatus = false; bool armourStatus = false; class myPlayer; class myPlayer {...
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    Tutorial How to make a DLL hack for BO2

    I thought you weren't going to try and make DLL hacks? :P Anyways, good job!
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    Preview DeathWalker V2

    Looking forward to using it! :handok:
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    Fixed / updated my CoD4 internal hack source! Hopefully I'll be able to add more to it!

    Fixed / updated my CoD4 internal hack source! Hopefully I'll be able to add more to it!
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    C# Web Browser.

    :handok: :handok:
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    C# Web Browser.

    I did say it was very basic. :P
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    C# Web Browser.

    Hi guys! Since I've not done C# in awhile, I decided to make a web browser. Note that this is VERY BASIC and will most likely lag on some websites. Here's a picture of it : Virus Total ...
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    Boy if you don't

    Boy if you don't
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    Release CoD 4 noSteam (1.7.563) Internal Hack Source

    Hi guys! I decided since I released an external hack for this game, I might aswell test my skills and try and make it into internal. So far I've only got the fly hack made which works but can be buggy. I'll also update the source when I work on adding more options, etc... #include <Windows.h>...