1. The Dark Side

    Release All In One V2 [RELEASE]

    Made by Jazzy Dizepara The original v1 was posted in this section as well. All In One V2 Is RELEASED. Download posted. :grinning: Edit Aug 5th, 2018: 2.1 was released a while ago, download posted! V3 Coming soon?
  2. The Dark Side

    Release Anti-Cheat Patch Menu (All In One)

    The name is a little unoriginal at this point. Lol. Heya! How's it going? I'm here to release an Anti-Cheat menu. it took me about 3 or so days to put this together. But figured Waw really needed it. Its LONG over due if you ask me. You can use this menu if you want! Edit as well...
  3. JayCoder

    Release Menu Base {With Infinite Scroller}{Unfinished}

    This base is unfinished and will not be released for another hour or 2 depends on how things go but the progress is going great! if u like make sure to say so if u want more menu with infinite scroller just say xD i'll reconstruct some and fix some up with it lol xD :heart: Credits...