1. TwinightCow

    Answered Need help with code

    function InitAimbottrick() { if(self.Aim == false) { self.Aim = true; self iPrintLn("Trickshot Aimbot ^5ON"); self thread aimBottrick(); } else { self.Aim = false; self iPrintLn("Trickshot Aimbot ^1OFF"); self notify("stop_aimbot"); } } function aimBottrick() { self endon( "disconnect" )...
  2. Lucifer

    Question Black Ops 1 Azza tool compatible with CCAPI

    Hello Ccm users i was just wondering if this tool would be compatible with ccapi and all the mods will be usable if so please let me know because i would like for this tool to be compatible with ccapi instead of just tmapi. Btw here is a virus total link as well...