black ops 2 gsc mod menu

  1. asdfgh789

    Question BO2 mod error

    Hello Whenever ı use any mod into redacted black ops 2 it gives always a script error like this way MEGA can anyone help me about it i use lots of multiplayer mod but in all of them ı m taking error
  2. ohhsodead

    Tool AtomicX - Browse, Download and Install GSC Mods (PS3/XBOX) [Open Source/Database/C#]

    Hello CabConModding, A basic server-driven Call of Duty: Black Ops II GSC injector. Supports both Multiplayer & Zombies. Update #1: Database now has well over 50 mods. Hopefully Zombies coming soon too. Thank you all for your support. Update #2: All GSC files are now supported, for both...
  3. Xx-GIPPI-xX

    Release [RELEASE/GSC]1.19 Black Ops 2 Zombie Mod Menu Campa v1.0

    Hi Cabconmodding people Today i release my private gsc I've used for a long time.... Download: HERE Sorry for quality of video:sal: Thanks/credits to: Zeiiken (for menu base) Cabcon ( for some functions) and ALL i...
  4. StonedYoda

    Release Echelon v2.0 by StonedYoda

    Hello Guys its me StonedYoda bringing you my newest ModMenu Echelon V2. Video Screenshots Menu Infos: Echelon V2 is one of the Stablest Modmenus ive ever Created and for sure this is my favorite Menu! It contains a lot of new Scripts and many Mods you will Enjoy! Menu uses Unlimited...
  5. Ways

    Release [TU18/1.19] Project Hunaveli v2.0

    After my last menu which was a disaster and terrible. I decided to start over and here it is Project Hunaveli, I hope you guys enjoy! Updates will be added soon, and I'm planning on working hard with this menu, thank you. -Ways OK PEOPLE! Here is the release of v2.0, a Whole new look to a sexy...