black ops 2 hack tool

  1. Ghost-Modding

    Looking for Bo2 RTM Tool PC

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a good Recovery Tool (RTM) for Black ops 2 on PC PC ONLY! No PS3 or Xbox! If you have which please let me know. I would buy one too.
  2. TruGam3rr

    Release bunch of bo2 mod menus i found somewhere

    NOTE:I DID NOT MAKE GSC Studio OR ANY OF THESE MENUS, IT IS JUST A MASH-UP!!!! iMCSx IS THE CREATOR OF GSC Studio!!!! i dont remember where i got this from but i do think i found it on a forum. anyways, just a mash-up or folder containing a bunch of different mod menus for zm and mp. ALSO, USE...
  3. EFK


    // CREDIT : EFK // YOUTUBE : EFK // DISCORD : EFK | PAIN D'EPICE#9497 //MAIN MENU START\\ // PLAY ONLINE : 0x308EA06D // LAN PARTY : 0x308E9A1C // LOCAL : 0x3093035A // OPTIONS : // STORE : 0x30931F89 // Connecting to Online Service : 0x3092ED02 //MAIN MENU END\\ //MULTIPLAYER MENU START\\...
  4. BabyxSparklez

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Steam Hack Tool V3 +Download

    Hey everyone, I am releasing Black Ops 2 Hack Tool V3 This is for PC Free Features: Aimbot Wallhack Red Boxes Infrared Bodies Small Crosshair No Flash Effect Green Screen No Recoil Map VSAT No Brass Eject No Weapon Flash Chat Spammer Set ClanTag Set Game Name Set Bots Name Change FOV Rainbow...