black ops 3 custom zombie

  1. Avory

    I need help with a model

    Hello, I need help with a Spetsnaz model I want to use in a zombies map I'm working on. The issue is that the model is not rigged with the Bo3 skeleton, and because of this it's limbs are twisted and deformed. Now, usually I would try myself to fix this, as I do not like being a beggar/burden...
  2. Dodojhonson1212

    Request Does anyone have the "Elemental bows" and "Elemental Staffs HD" mods for bo3

    I've been looking everywhere and I havent been able to find the mods and I'm wondering if anyone has it downloaded and able to share. here are the steam links if it could help Staffs: Steam Community :: Error Bows: Steam Community :: Error
  3. proitsnot

    Cheap BO3 Recoveries, Divinium, and Cryptokeys

    How it works: Step 1: Join my server here and create a ticket in #ticket-creator and state what you would like to purchase. Step 2: You will then make payment (PayPal/Zelle/Steam Items/Steam Giftcards/Twitch Primes) and i will invite you to my game so i can begin giving you what you purchased...
  4. G

    Question Elemental Bows/Elemental Staffs HD mod?

    Along with the Boss Rush and solo EE mods being removed, two mods, Elemental Bows and Elemental Staffs HD, were also removed by the same person on the workshop. I was wondering if anyone had backups to these two mods (especially the bows one) that they could post so I could re-download these...
  5. A

    Release Call of duty: Black ops 3 custom zombie maps | Wanted

    In a totally wonky and parallel universe, Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinsky, Nero Blackstone & Scarlett Rhodes found themselves in a Ghost Town somewhere in Arizona where they are "Wanted" by just about everything that moves. As the synopsys above shows this map was made with fun in mind, not...
  6. BlackOpsSupport

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Custom Zombie Maps | Town Remastered

    Preview Available Weapons Most weapons that were originally in BO2 Town are present here, mixed with some various new ones prominently from MW:R. Throughout the lifetime of this map, I will be adding more and more weapons in updates (I will make sure to include what guns have been...
  7. BlackOpsSupport

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Custom Zombie Maps | Farm Remastered

    Preview Features Black Ops 3 weapons Chronicles weapons included Chronicles features Wunderfizz, Gobblegum How to use it? Steam Select Steam Workshop under Download No Steam - Download the file .rar file. - Unzip the .rar file. - Place the folder zm_zbox in: Call of Duty Black Ops...
  8. SCP

    Release Black Ops 3 Custom Zombie Maps Managed List (All posted maps)

    Hello guys :handwaving:, here you can find a managed list with all posted Black Ops 3 Custom Zombie Maps. Every map includes a external download for users who can't access the Steam Workshop. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Q: I can't find the map I'm looking for? A: You can request maps here...