1. Littof

    Release IW5 MP Base Menu Ported By Me

    hi i ported this base on bo2 enjoy !:smile: Discord : tobirama____
  2. TheHiddenHour

    Release 1.13 SP/ZM Rawfile Dump (GSC, CSC, CFG)

    Here is a dump containing most of the rawfiles from SP and ZM including the DLCs :blush:. If you would like to dump your own, here is a C# script. You need Ionic.Zlib.dll and PS3Lib.dll. [C#] Black Ops SP/ZM 1.13 Rawfile Info Grabber - EDIT: I've now added rawfile info dumps for the...
  3. Beauner

    Tutorial How to play Zombies with friends (no dedicated server)

    First of all, you and your friend will need Hamachi or a similar program. 1.) Create a custom game and start it up. 2.) Get your friend to connect via IP on Hamachi by right clicking your name --> copy IPv4 address and then pasting connect 'IP' in the game console without the apostrophes. IP...
  4. vRice

    Release [GSC] Windows Style Menu Base (v2)

    What's up everyone I'm vRice/VintageRice. Some of you may already know me from YouTube or Se7ensins or wherever. I recently found this website and thought it's quite decent and it's not going to be a complete flop like a lot of other contenders, anyway I thought I would create something for you...
  5. Yopyndog

    Outdated BlackOps2 Decompiler gsc Serioushd

    Hello guyz, i dont speak english but i try to explain my problem : I have download the gsc decompiler of serioushd and i have decompiled the zombie gamemode i dont change any source code and when i try to recompile , gsc studio said : syntax error, but i dont change the source code, can you...
  6. RGH Danny

    GSC GSC Functions by RGH Danny

    Hello and thank you for reading this thread. In this thread you can see some useful GSC Codes for Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Multiplayer-Mode only) I don't need to get any credits. Have fun. Simple Standard Advanced REST IS COMING SOON!