bo2 custom map

  1. unknown love

    Black ops 2 GSC Custom map installer PS3

    This is Bo2 custom zombie map installer for PS3. Modified PS3 Needed to use this PKG Download and copy the pkg into usb stick which is formatted FAT32 after this follow the video. Download: CUSTOM-ZOMBIEMAP_00-INSTALLBLACKOPS2-A0470-V0100-RE This PKG is only work on: BLES01717 CFW [Dex and...
  2. xTiibo

    Release xTiibo Custom Maps : Shipment Remake and more !

    Hello Cabcon, I decided to release my projects because the BO2 GSC community becomes more and more inactive. I start by releasing 2 maps edits gathered in a single gamemode with spawns adapted for each map. This maps for now are playable only on this gametypes : TDM, FFA, Gun game, one in...