bo2 gsc code list

  1. VerTical

    GSC VerTicals GSC List

    GSC List GSC List for Black Ops 2 :VerTical: Hello CabConModding :VerTical: I'll show you my GSC resources today. Important : Give me Credits, Please! You can found it too on my Pastebin: > Pastebin < Hud Utilities How to call Example: self createShader("white", "CENTER","CENTER", 0, 0...
  2. Ways

    GSC Black Ops 2 GSC Managed Code List 2

    Hello CabCon Community Today I bring you with a Managed Code List of many functions and options hope you enjoy if you see a script that is yours just comment and I will give credits, thank you. -Ways God Mode Unlimited Ammo Teleport Change Class Change Speed...