bo2 menu

  1. ProlixUK

    Preview U WOT M8 v1.0

    U WOT M8 v1.0 photo here: NEW MENU IM WORKIG ON!! there will be about 4 more sub menus like 'Zombie settings' and at the top will be a god mode option so you don't haft to go into a menu for it, don't know when it will be released but it...
  2. StonedYoda

    Release [Bo2/GSC] - StonedYoda's GSC Board [Scripts/Sources]

    StonedYoda's GSC Board -----> Functions: Godmode Pistol (made for @dorathekiller97) [Alpha Version may have bugs] New: StonedYoda's dvar Editor (with All client FOV) Javelin (Modded Weapon remaked of Mw3) [Yoda Edit with the Real Bullet Fly type] Real working...