bo3 gsc menu

  1. XkillerSpeedX

    Converting Menus?

    i have been converting Source Engine to black ops 3 but wont load just causes the mod kit to throw errors. i have no Functions Just The Simple Shader And Text For The Base. am I Doing something wrong I Have Been Making My Own From Scratch and thats been fine so im lost any help would be great
  2. F

    Outdated Mod Menu Elegancev13.1 multiplayer Test

  3. JayCoder

    Preview Project Voids Offical Thread {Updates Daily}

    Update 0001: Update 0002: Update 0003: Update 0004: Update: 0005: request from me: help me work on this menu to make it better, if you would like to contact me, or reply to the post also, post ideas of things you would like to see, i will try my best to implement everything i...
  4. Aspire

    GSC Aspire's BO3 GSC Menu Base

    This pretty much is Shark's GSC menu base for BO2 ported to Black Ops 3. I ported it over to Black Ops 3 hoping it would help some people. I tried to keep it as simple as possible so I'd it's perfect for beginners. Anyways if you have any ideas on how to improve/fix this base just reply...