1. NightwalkerLots

    Tutorial Create Bot AI for Zombies

    Resources //Needed for most of the function calls done on the bot #include scripts\shared\bots\_bot; #include scripts\shared\laststand_shared; //GSC source for in-game bot code to reference how certain functions can be used t7-source/scripts/shared/bots/_bot.gsc at...
  2. M

    Looking for menu for PS3 with functional bots

    Hi everyone, I've recently returned to the scene and found a lot has changed since I last was playing, including that I can't find lobbies or rank up with a new account. Does anybody know of any mod menus with bot support where the bots will fight you? I had one years back where the bots would...
  3. D

    Question Is there a offline client for Call of Duty Modern Warfare Regards?

    I just wanna ask if anyone here can or is making a offline client for modern warfare remastered that would be so great i like to play with bots offline without any internet connection because my internet connection is bad
  4. Geralt

    Answered Black Ops 2 complete offline with Bots all DLCs

    Hi Guys! Can someone help me on how to play COD BO2 completely offline with Bots all the DLCs. I live in a 3rd world country where the internet completely sucks and as much as I want to purchase the game on steam, I don't have a stable internet connection, because apparently you still need to...
  5. 2wmt

    Tutorial How to add 15 bots!

    Hello im going to tell you how to add 5+ bots to your Private match {will need menu} Ok so go to ModernWarfare2/v2/ap/ then you will see botnames.cvs. you wil right click and press edit. Their will be bot names that are in the game. {you can change them if you would like to.} So when you see the...
  6. C

    Answered How do I spawn a bot at a specific spot on a map

    How do I spawn a bot at a specific spot on a map (with godmode). Is it possible to make the bot not count as a player, if not its ok (must be able to use the melee lounge on the bot) Is there a way to rename the bot as well? Whould be nice if I could delete the bot too. And is there a way to...
  7. TheKillerey

    Release Black Ops 2 Redacted: Change Bot Names + Clan Tag

    Hey Guys :) You guys asked for a fix and there it is :D Download Thank's to CreaTed (Redacted Admin) :heart: