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  1. Kyle Fardy

    Tutorial C# Tutorial | How To Create A Simple Spam Bot

    Hey All Today Im Going To Be Showing You How To Make A Really Simple Spam Bot In C# That You Can Use On Anything That Has A Text Input I Will Be Using This On Notepad Things Needed Visual Studio (2010, 2013, 2015, 2017) Not Needed But Ill Be Adding The Source To This Tutorial Aswell Somebody...
  2. REEILYMods

    [RELEASE] Don't Click The Red Button

    Hello CabConModding, I know this is my third post today, but who cares? I just wanted to present a small and useless game coded by me and VerTical! Screenshot: Download: Don't Click The Red Button And there is no virus if windows detects it as on... If you dont believe me here is the source...
  3. S

    C# Beginners Series Part 2 | Switch Statements

    Decided to write this part tonight as i wont be able to release another Part for a few days. *Please also note, most code in this series will be written as im writing the thread, its unlikely but if by some chance i do mess up in the code, please leave a comment below. Remember this series is...
  4. Craze

    [C#/Tutorial] How to make a Discord Bot (Outdated?)

    [[ Please move this thread to the Discord section, once we get one ]] Requirements: Visual Studio Small knowledge of C# Nuget Package Manager (Look below for how to get) Ok, firstly make sure you have Visual Studio. Also, you need "Nuget Package Manager" for it. If you don't have "Nuget...
  5. God

    [C#/Source] Write RGB into memory using a textbox

    Hello CCM :wink: So while I was making a killfeed color editor for my tool i'm working on (release soon maybe) I writ this. Have fun string rgb = textBoxX2.Text; string[] hak = rgb.Split(new char[] {' '}); CC.Write._Bytes(0x064172C0, new byte[] {...