call of duty black ops 2

  1. M

    Release Bo2 Super Massive Dvar List (Alphabetical -- Kinda) [3000+ Dvars]

    DVAR Count :: 3067 actionSlotsHide activeFriendsMaxBackoffLevel activeFriendsNumDayBuckets activeFriendsNumPlayBuckets activeFriendsRefreshDelay activeFriendsSecondsPerBucket ai_angularYawAccelRate ai_angularYawDecelFactor ai_angularYawEnabled ai_corpseCount ai_debugAnimeDeltas...
  2. Zingychief74

    Release Zingy V3 Mod Menu Xbox, ps3, and PC

    This is a update to the Zingy V2 mod menu. This update has a lot new features, If you have any problems with this menu message me on Instagram: Zingy_chief47 or just reply to this thread. New features - New Models - New Options in Fun Menu - Bullets Menu - Trickshot menu - New Spawnables -...