call of duty: black ops 2

  1. Loimonde51 Team51

    Release Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Unlock All Zombies !!! **Reupload**

    Hi, Today, I Release The Unlock All Zombies !!! Credits: SeriousHD /* * Creator : Loimonde51 * Project : Unlock All Zombies * Mode : Zombies */ #include maps/mp/_utility; #include maps/mp/_visionset_mgr; #include maps/mp/_music; #include maps/mp/zombies/_zm_audio...
  2. P!X

    GSC Steal This Patch Menu Base Remake

    I wanted to do a Remake of the whole patch but after finishing the menu base i lost all motivation xD Screenshot: Credits: xePixTvx CraigChrist8239 for the Design dtx12, jwm614, and xTurntUpLobbies for the Overflow Fix Its not tested on console and i dont know about the stability :coldsweat:
  3. Omaru


    Leave your thought's here and requests for Mod Menu's for all the "Call Of Duty" games, Cabcon said this would be a good suggestion for people :)